Our Group Of Companies

AP – Analytics

African Proficient Analytics

AP-Analytics is a company focused on Data Analytics which is comprised of Data Optimization, Predictive Modelling. We also focus on Web Analytics and Tag Management.


African Proficient ERP

AP-ERP is a company focused on Enterprise Resource planning, Customer Relationship Management, business Continuity Planning, Enterprise Data Management Software solutions.

AP – Management Consulting

African Proficient Management Consultant

African Proficient Management Consulting assists organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth, and improve business performance

AP – Distribution

APD’s mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation and logistics services. The focus of APD is primarily on the distribution of informally produced goods via the informal sector

AP – Media

African Proficient Media

Innovation and creativity are the core values of the African Proficient Media. We have dedicated ourselves to constantly producing the most cutting edge media and marketing strategies.

AP – Software

With more than 6 years of experience in software development, AP Software has developed innovative and intelligent software solutions that aim to meet the needs of the clients and surpass them.

AP – Hygiene Services

AP – Capital

African Proficient Capital

AP – Engineering