African Proficient Group is a holding company based in South Africa, with key interest in information Technology, Distribution, Management Consulting, and Media.

The underlying characteristics of the team at APG and its subsidiaries is highly driven by continuous drive of; innovative skills development, growth, global strategic thinking, credibility, integrity, good governance, humanity and the skill of ensuring a high level of presence in the industries or areas the group is vested in. APG takes great pride in its team being of the calibre of global leaders with an emerging class of professionalism that is adept at operating in international and multicultural contexts.

African Proficient Group aims at achieving a goal of being a value-adding long term partner, enabling leadership and innovation in Information Technology, Distribution, Management Consulting, and Media services.


We strongly belief that an innovative and value-oriented culture is a vital element to the success of African Proficient Group and its sustainability over a long term period. We therefore openly commit and ensure that the principles of corporate governance and business ethics practice are consistently applied to strengthen and uphold our values.

These values are as follows:

  • We have clear comprehension of our social responsibility as part of the lager community we operate in;
  • We believe achieving the highest corporate value can and will be achieved through upholding the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity;
  • People are our highest important resource;
  • We embrace and encourage innovation